I thought I’d give the black&white movie a shot, as it was the perfect set for a Sunday night blues. Only it wasn’t quite what I expected.

In a nutshell, Malcolm, a writer-producer, whose latest film Imani was a real success in the film-industry, failed to enjoy his moment of glory on the night of the film’s premiere. In fact, while his film got praising reviews, the missing puzzle piece to his celebration was Marie, Malcolm’s five-year partner. …

A month after Joker’s release, the craze over Todd Phillips’ opus seems hardly to die down. I still find myself quite ambivalent about what it was intended to mean anyway. Controversy is still brewing regarding its political and social impact. Some loved it, others hated it but truth be told, the movie was disturbing in too many ways. In fact, it embodies several chaotic meanings at once that it makes it hard to have a grasp about the ultimate goal.

I do not intend by this article to dwell on the filmmaking features but I would like to reflect on…

As far as I can remember, I have relentlessly endeavored to shed light on what type of books appeals to me the most but it was a shipwrecked and vain enterprise. I found myself, sometimes thrilled with nonfiction books, be it self-development, philosophy, history or politics books for they are predicated upon factual statements and ethical judgments that come out with clear-sighted practical guidelines for human behavior, and sometimes my soul relished reading literary fiction which grew increasingly enticing to me.

Every attempt to pin down a specific genre was damned to fail for my head was, seemingly, banging against…

Safae Akabouch

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